Full Name
Zack Martin
Job Title
Senior Policy Advisor
Venable LLP
Speaker Bio
Zack Martin is a trusted advisor for clients across the cybersecurity ecosystem. Zack brings experience in the digital identity, cybersecurity, healthcare information technology (IT), and payment markets to the Privacy Group. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), he has in-depth knowledge of identity and access management (IAM), authentication, biometrics, and public sector challenges with identity systems. Prior to joining Venable, Zack advised clients of a global consulting firm on cybersecurity, digital identity, and policy. As an IAM and cybersecurity policy advisor, he has helped clients in the public and private sectors navigate cybersecurity procedures and solve digital identity challenges. Zack has written multiple white papers and articles on citizen identity, identity proofing, authentication, authorization, and self-sovereign identity. He has also presented at cybersecurity events, garnering support from and building relationships with government officials and industry executives alike.
Zack Martin